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Khell doodle.

So, sometimes when I’m not writing, I’m doodling. I don’t consider myself great at it, though I also don’t consider myself to be that bad at it either. I find though, so long as I’m creating something one way or another, I’m pretty happy.

I drew Khell a few days back, just to get my brain back on her story. I figured it turned out ok, so I’m willing to share.

This is her on my Deviant Page

That’s all. I’ll have another chapter up in a few days.


Look at this drawing. That’s what I’m doing when I’m not writing. Or it is today at least.

Look at this drawing.  That's what I'm doing when I'm not writing.  Or it is today at least.

So, suffering some writer’s block for the last week. It’s not that I don’t know what to do with Cole and Jimmie, it’s just getting them from point A to point B. I’ll be able to push through in the next day or so.
Till then, I drew this today. Well, ok, I drew it yesterday, then scanned it, then re worked it in Inkscape today. I really like how it turned out.
This is Decker, by the way. One of my Champions Online characters. Yes, I do use female characters when I play MMOs. I use male ones too, but whatever.
Point being, turned out nice. I accidently formed a way of using the pen tool that I really like. I think I’ll try at free handing a new picture soon without drawing it on paper first. Saving trees…so, you know, Captain Planet and all that.

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