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Lovely Angel-Pocalypse 11

Sarah looked at the Blight-Men; her Blight-Men in regular circumstances.  She looked at Lance, and at Kei still unconscious on his back.  She looked at her skirt and her vest with its large blue bow on the front.  Sarah sighed and shook her head.

The men didn’t lower their weapons when they saw that it was their superior officer in the Lovely Angel costume.  Most of them in fact trained their weapons purposely on Sarah.  “Ma’am?” one of the Blighters managed.  He didn’t say anything else, but his question was evident.

Sarah sneered at the men.  She needed to get the situation under her control.  “This is a temporary situation,” She stated.  “It changes nothing.”  Sarah pointed at Lance.  “This man is taking the fugitive and loading her in my truck.  We will take her directly to the Emperor.”  Sarah narrowed her eyes at the men, and they all stepped back.  “Is there any questions?”

There was a laugh from the crowd.  A light voice piped up.  “Oh my God, what are you wearing?”

“And the hits just keep on coming,” Sarah muttered under her breath.  She forced a smile.  “Hello May.”

May stepped out from behind the Blighters.  “Look at you!” She covered her mouth, and giggled excitedly.  “Lovely Angel Water Guardian!”

“Please don’t call me that,” Sarah replied.

May ignored her.  “You haven’t worn that in, like, forever.”  May tilted her head.  “Which is probably because the Emperor doesn’t want us to, right?  He is not going to be happy with you.”

May didn’t leave a gap for Sarah to answer.  She gasped as she looked a Kei draped on Lance’s shoulders.  “Is that Kei?” May squealed.  “Oh my God, she hasn’t aged a day!”  May smirked.  “Too bad she’s out.  Kei’s the only one here young enough to pull off the Lovely Angel getup.”  She gasped suddenly.  “Ohmygosh.  I’m older than my older sister.  How weird is that?”

“May,” Sarah started.  She stepped forward,  hands in the air.

May gestured.  The ground cracked and rose a short wall in front of Sarah.  It was only knee height, but it was enough to stop Sarah in her tracks.  “I’m sorry, Sarah,” May explained happily.  She waved at Sarah’s clothes.  “Kei is obviously contagious?  I can’t risk some sort of Lovely Angel infection.”  She smiled mischievously.  “Heck half of these men would look pretty silly in a skirt.”

“You know that’s not how this works,” Sarah commented.

“If you were such an expert,” May retorted, “you wouldn’t be wearing a school girl uniform right now would you?”  May shrugged apologetically.  “You know the protocol on this sort of thing Sarah: you wrote it.”

May’s eyes narrowed, and her smile became maniacal as the darkness overtook her.  She raised a hand to her men, and pointed at Sarah, Lance, and Kei.  “Fire,” she commanded.

There was a crack from the rooftops, and the nearest Blight-Man’s head exploded.  Two more cracks and two more Blighters fell before anyone could react.  The Blight-Men panicked and strafed the rooftops with bullets.

Sarah took quick advantage of the confusion.  She weaved her hands to her side; water forming between her palms.  “Neptune’s Trident!” she yelled as she shoved her hands forward.  A tidal wave of clean clear water poured from her outstretched hands, and flooded the streets.

May brought her hands up as the wave flowed towards her.  The road rose in a wedge, splitting the flood around her.  It did nothing to protect her men, and they were washed off of their feet by the surging river.  Half of the Blighters were washed up the road.  The ones that weren’t were easy targets as the sniper continued to fire from the rooftops.  May narrowed her eyes at the roofs.  “Barrowman.”

May yelled her men’s attention, and pointed after Lance, Kei, and Sarah.  They’d already turned and ran halfway down the block.  “Do not let them escape!” May told her men.  She touched the ground quickly, and a pillar of earth burst through the road.  It carried her quickly towards the rooftops.

May’s pillar stopped short, and the momentum tossed her the last bit of distance.  She landed gracefully on the roof John Barrowman had fired from.  He was already running away.  May smirked.  She touched the roof with one hand, and raised the other like she was conducting an orchestra.

John kept running as the roof split and rose beneath him.  He vaulted from the floating chunks of broken cement, and freefell to the next rooftop.  John tucked around his duffle bag, and rolled as he hit the roof hard.  His rifle went scattering over the edge, and clattered to the streets below.

John scrambled aside as a large chunk of concrete smashed where he’d been.  May walked lazily over the ruined rooftops.  Small pieces of broken roof circled her, and shot under her bare feet every time she stepped down.

“Whatsamatter old man?” May mocked as she stepped onto the solid roof.  “No poems about thorny war roses?  No prose about the power of love?”  She put her hands on her hips.  “I mean, you used to give the Shadows a warning haiku or something.  You run out of material?”

John wiped a line of blood from his lip and smiled.  “I’m too old for that sort of thing May,” he admitted.  “I’ve been in this world too long, and I’ve grown too cynical for poetry.”

“Not you John!” May’s eyes flashed honest concern as she covered her mouth with her hands.  “You can’t become cynical!”

“You’re one to talk about change,” John replied.  “I don’t know what Blight did to you May, but you’re unstable.  You’re dangerous.”  John shook his head, and placed his duffle bag down.  “You were always the heart of the Lovely Angel Guardians.  You gotta wonder what your condition says about the others?”

May beamed.  “You thought I was the heart of the team?  That’s so nice John.”  She pouted.  “Abbey says I’m the comic relief.  She doesn’t even say it nicely.”

John dug a couple small boxes from his duffle bag.  “Abbey always did have something to prove,” he agreed.

“I know, right?”  May paced as she continued.  “She thinks she’s soooo special.  Super tough hardcore warrior.  And you know why?”

John unravelled some wiring.  He looked up at May.  “Because she can throw fire?”

“Because she can throw fire,” May agreed haughtily.  “I mean, who actually cares, right?  Kei’s not afraid of fire.  Sarah’s certainly not afraid of fire.  I mean, water, right?”   May’s eyes darkened again.  “I’m not afraid of fire.”

John clipped the wires together.  “Maybe she’s making up for that with attitude.  Girl like Abbey’d have trouble accepting that she’s actually the weakest link.”

May giggled.  “Weakest Link,” she agreed.  “But that’s what she thinks I am.”  May brushed her long copper curls back.  “I control the earth itself, right?  I can see anyone who walks the land.  I can summon the Blight’s Horrors from their slumber.  I can bend the ground like…” May stopped as she tried to find a good metaphor.  “I could crush her,” she settled on.  “I could crush any of them.”  She turned her attention to John.  “I could crush you,” she insisted, bringing her hands up.  The building shook in agreement.

John dusted off his hands.  “I suppose you could May,” he said.  “But not today.”

May sneered.  “Why not?”

“Because for someone who can see anyone anywhere, you’re not very perceptive.”  John stepped back and waved to his set up.  A pair of small boxes sat on the roof beside him.  Each had a panel that simply read ‘front toward enemy’.  They were both pointed at May.

“Well, poop,” May accepted.  She waved all the broken concrete into a cocoon around herself, just as the rooftop exploded.


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