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Lovely Angel-Pocalypse 10

Sarah’s attack had smashed Kei through the wall of the old apartment, and washed her out to the streets below.  Kei had managed to use her one wing to stabilize her fall somewhat.  She hit down on her back, and rolled immediately back to her feet.

Sarah was already in the air when Kei looked up.  She had her hands tucked to her side, and a small sphere of green foaming water had formed between them.  Sarah thrust her hands forward, firing the water-ball at Kei.  Kei threw herself backwards as the attack cratered the street where she’d been standing.

Kei rolled again, this time coming up in a crouch.  She kept one hand on the ground, as she pointed her staff at Sarah.  “Gaia’s lance,” she announced.

The earth split, and great pillars or stone shot up at Sarah.  She was clipped hard as one of the thick pillars smashed into her side, and tossed her off course.  Sarah landed hard on her chest.  She crossed her hands quickly in the air.  Water swirled upward, disintegrating the stone pillars as they fell towards her.

Sarah kipped up to her feet.  She brought her hands back, and again formed a ball of water.  Sarah was about to attack when she heard the gunfire from the apartment, followed by angry shouting.  The water in her hands splashed to the ground as she stared back at the ruined window.  The anger in her eyes was replaced by concern.  Had the Blight-Men shot Lance?

Kei swayed from foot to foot, and twirled her staff in her hands.  She saw the change in Sarah’s stance, and lowered her guard slightly.  “We don’t have to do this Sarah,”  Kei said.  “We don’t have to fight.”

Sarah snapped her attention away from the apartment, and fully back to Kei.  There was no emotion to Kei’s comment.  Sarah felt the comment was obligatory; a verification of who was the good guy, and who was the bad guy.  Sarah could feel the darkness wash over her.  She had never hated Kei more than she did this minute.

“We wouldn’t have to do this,” Sarah corrected, “if you’d just died.  But you couldn’t even do that right.”  Sarah clenched her hands, and ocean water pooled around her fists.  It trailed in waves behind Sarah as she charged at Kei.  “Lets see if I can’t fix that!”

Kei took a few steps back as Sarah rushed at her.  She swirled her staff over her head, and swung it in a wide arc.  “Spinning Steel Slash,” she announced robotically.  A crescent of white energy flared from the staff.

Sarah vaulted over Kei’s attack.  She twisted in the air, and brought her hands together.  “Triton’s fist!” she screamed.

Kei was firehosed off of her feet by Sarah’s geyser attack.  She crashed hard enough into a wall to bounce off of it.  Sarah didn’t let up as Kei crumpled to the ground.  She ran forward, and soccer kick Kei in the jaw as she tried to get up.  There was an explosion of brackish water as Sarah’s foot met Kei’s face.

Kei was thrown back by Sarah’s kick, and she landed down hard.  Her wing twitched above her, but it was all that moved.  Sarah muttered something against the ground, and feebly waved her hand.  An inferno of flame circled around her, and separated her from Sarah.

“No,” Sarah declared.  She weaved her hands before her, pulling water from the ground and spinning it around herself.  Steam rose  around Sarah as she walked through the flames unmolested.  “Ifrit’s Embrace won’t stop me.  Nothing you can do will stop me!”  She sidestepped as Kei clumsily threw another Steel Slash at her.  “Nothing!” Sarah threw her hands wide, and the rest of the flames vanished with a hiss and a burst of steam.

Kei scrambled backwards.  She pointed at Sarah shakily as she got back to her feet.  “Neptune’s Trident!”  Kei yelled.  A geyser of clear water flew from her hands.

Sarah stood with her arms out wide as the flow washed over her.  The water spun and churned around Sarah, turning to the thick angry green of the ocean.  “Against me?” she accused, fury in her voice.  “You used Neptune’s Trident against me?”

The water seethed and frothed around Sarah, matching her fury.  She motioned lightly as she stormed towards Kei.  A fist of solid water shot forward and knocked Kei backwards.  Sarah stood over Kei, smiling triumphantly.

Sarah grabbed Kei by the bow on her chest, and hoisted her up.  Kei tried to get her staff up between them, but Sarah easily swatted it away.  Sarah brought her hand back, and the water circling her formed into a rough oversized gauntlet.

“You’ll kill her,” Lance warned.  He put a hand on Sarah’s shoulder.  “If you hit her again, you’ll kill her.”

Sarah looked at Lance.  She hadn’t seen him come out, or seen him standing so close to her and Kei.  She didn’t know how long he’d been there, or what he’d seen.  There was a flash of relief that Lance hadn’t been shot, but it was quickly washed over by shame.

Sarah didn’t want him looking at her.  Lance hadn’t trusted her because she was a Blight-Man.  Like most, Lance thought of the Blighters as thugs and murderers, and here she was ready to crush Kei.  Lance saw her as a murderer.  She didn’t want that.  She looked at Kei; helpless in her grasp, and the anger returned.

“I don’t care!” Sarah screamed; as much to herself as to Lance.  Sarah hoisted Kei up again.  “You don’t know, Lance,” she insisted.  “You don’t know what she did!”  Sarah waved to the streets.  “She did this!  All of this!  Everything that happened is because of her!”

Kei lifted her arm; water forming around her hand.  Sarah shook her head, and laughed coldly.  “Again?” She accused.  “You’re going to use Neptune’s Trident against me again?”

Kei reached out and pressed her hand against Sarah’s chest.  “I’m not trying to attack you with Neptune’s Trident,” she coughed.  “I’m trying to give it back.”

“No!”  The anger in Sarah’s face vanished, leaving cold fear.  “NO!  Kei, don’t you dare!”

Kei didn’t acknowledge Sarah’s plea; she only pushed her hand harder against Sarah’s chest.  A pulse of pale blue energy flared from Kei’s hand, and Sarah rocked back as if she’d been shot.  Kei collapsed where Sarah dropped her.

Water flowed from the road around Sarah.  It swirled violently around her, lifting her from the ground.  Lance could only just see her silhouette through the foam.  Sarah moved like Kei had before, but unlike Kei’s graceful gymnast movements, Sarah’s dance was jolted and forced.  Lance saw Sarah’s face through the rough waters, and could see from her features that Sarah was desperately  fighting against the transformation.

Lance grabbed Kei by the front of her vest.  “Stop this!” he insisted.  “Make it stop!  She doesn’t want this!”

Kei’s eyes rolled in her head.  “It doesn’t matter what she wants,” Kei forced.  “This is part of Sarah; part of her that she’s missing.”  She went limp in Lance’s grasp.  Her white vest vanished like mist, replaced by the bulky yellow sweater she’d been wearing earlier.

Lance lowered Kei carefully back to the ground, and looked back to Sarah.  The water had pulled tight against her body.  It had washed away her grey uniform, and replaced it with a white vest, and a blue pleated skirt.  The waves swept over Sarah’s back, and solidified into a pair of pale blue wings.  Sarah stumbled forward.  Her hand shot to her temple against her will.  Sarah cringed as she gave a cute salute, just before her knees gave out, and she crumpled to the ground.

Lance rushed to try and catch Sarah, but she put up a warning hand to stop him.  “I’m fine,” Sarah stated.  She staggered to her feet, and swayed drunkenly.  Tears ran down her face, but she stared defiance at Lance, daring him to comment.  “I’m fine,” she stated again, mostly for herself.  “This is just temporary.”

Sarah put her hand in the air, and snapped her fingers dramatically.  She stared at her hand surprised when nothing happened.  Sarah snapped a few more times desperately.  “No,” she moaned.  “No nonono.”

She clutched at her stomach suddenly, and dropped back to her knees.  Sarah glared at Lance as he tried to help her.  She opened her mouth to insist once more that she was fine, but instead vomited forth a seemingly unending geyser of green water.

Lance held Sarah’s hair back.  He wasn’t really sure what else to do.  When she was done, he put her arm over his shoulder, and helped her to her feet.  This time Sarah didn’t deny the assistance.

“Where is Kei,” Sarah asked in a tired whisper.

“She’s out,” Lance told her.  He helped Sarah to where Kei was laying, but kept her out of reach.  “Are you going to try and kill her again?”

Sarah narrowed her eyes at Lance.  “I don’t  know,” she admitted.  “I haven’t even decided what I’m going about you, much less her.”

Sarah let go of Lance’s shoulder.  She staggered a bit, but it was less from vertigo, and more from the fact that she hadn’t walked in magical-transformation-evening-heels for years.  She motioned for Lance to pick up Kei.

“I’m not going to kill her right now,” Sarah said finally.  “But if we don’t all get out of here now, I won’t have to.”

Lance shifted the rifle at his side, and hoisted Kei up into an unconscious piggyback ride.  He followed as Sarah walked away.  “I don’t understand,” he admitted.

“The only reason I beat Kei so easily is because she really didn’t fight back,” Sarah explained.  “She made a show of it, but only so she could get me close enough to do this.”  Sarah tugged at her white vest in disgust.  “I wasn’t expecting her to do this to me.”

Lance hopped Kei up to a better position on his back.  “What did she do to you,” he asked.

Sarah stared at Lance for a moment.  She shook her head and kept walking.  “It doesn’t matter,” she said.  “And it’ll take too long to explain.”  Sarah snapped her fingers over her head again, and swore.  “What does matter is that I’m wearing the stupid Lovely Angel Guardian costume, and my men will kill all three of us because of it.”

“Your men,” Lance repeated.

“My men,” Sarah said.  “I’m not stupid.  I have back up coming.”  She motioned to Kei, currently drooling on Lance’s shoulder.  “I expected her to fight back.  If she had, she would have had a good chance of beating me.  I prepared for that possibility.”  Sarah rolled her eyes.  “I didn’t admit that to the rest of the Elite, which is a small plus in that, but I have Blight-Men on their way here in case I lost.”

Lance almost asked how many Blighters were coming.  He didn’t have to though, because the two squads of Blight-Men chose perfect timing to swarm the area, rifles drawn.


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