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Lovely Angel-Pocalypse 09

Lance looked at the girl beside him.  Kei, evidently.  He looked over at Sarah, still motioning for him to join her.  Finally he looked over at the Blight-Men with their badly injured faces.  Neither of them was very happy to see him.  There were plenty of questions, and yet for some reason, Bill and Mike being here seemed the most confusing.  Lance’s brain worked funny under duress.

“Lance,” Sarah repeated, “step away from the fugitive.”  She held out a hand to Lance.  “Please, you need to get away from her.”

“No,” Mike insisted.  His ruined face twisted in fury.  “Nobody moves!”

“Hands in the air!” Bill added in a panicked squeak.

Lance made to put his hands up.  Mike aimed his rifle menacingly.  “I said don’t move!”

Lance stopped dead still.  “I’m getting conflicting messages here,” he admitted.  “I’m going to put my hands up now, slowly, and I’m not going to move.”

Sarah glared at Mike.  “Lance is moving over here with us.  You two are to keep an eye on the fugitive.”  She held her hand out to Lance again.

“No one is moving!” Mike yelled again.  He never took his eyes off Lance.  “We have our orders,” he continued.  “Both of the fugitives are to be detained until backup arrives.”

“Orders?” Sarah fumed.  “I’m giving you orders here right now.”

Bill looked nervously at Sarah.  “I’m sorry Elite Officer Mizumi,” he stuttered.  “But we’re to ignore all of your orders regarding the Runner.”

Sarah almost asked who gave the order, but she knew.  “May,” she muttered.

“Elite Officer Hokori was very specific,” Bill offered nearly apologetically.  “Both fugitives are to be brought in by any means necessary, and that any conflicting orders you give are to be ignored.”  He gave a half shrug.  “I’m sorry,” he added sheepishly.

Sarah clenched her hands in anger, but said nothing.  Lance felt like he should say something, but wasn’t really sure what to say in a situation like this.  It wasn’t a common situation to be in.  Besides, he didn’t like Mike’s gun pointed at him.  It didn’t take an expert to see that the man was waiting for an excuse to pull the trigger.  Lance didn’t want to give him one.

Kei evidently had no qualms against giving a reason, and wasn’t against moving despite orders.  Kei raised her arms slowly, as if she was starting a dance routine.  She swung one slowly in front of her as she raised the other to the sky. Lance wasn’t sure he heard Kei properly, but he swore she said something along the lines of ‘Lovely Angel Princess Guardian Transformation’.

“I said don’t move!” Mike yelled.  “Don’t move!”

Kei didn’t stop, and Mike didn’t waste any more words on warnings.  He pulled the trigger, spraying the room with bullets.  He didn’t even waste time aiming.  Bill, startled by the yelling and the sudden firing joined in.

Sarah yelled something at Lance over the gunfire, but he couldn’t hear.  She cursed, and motioned as if throwing Lance aside.  A wave of green water formed around her outstretched hand, and slammed into Lance.  He was lifted off his feet, and thrown across the room.  Lance smashed through the neighbouring wall into the apartment’s unused bathroom.

Lance crashed into the tub with a thud.  His shoulder was sore from ramming into a support beam in the wall.  He shook wet plaster from his hair and crawled back towards the hole nonetheless.  Lance expected to see Kei’s bloody corpse splashed across the room.  He was surprised to see that she was fine.  It was the least of his surprises.

A kaleidoscope of light enveloped Kei, and deflected the bullets around her.  Lance could make out her silhouette through the blinding light, but little else.  Yet he couldn’t force himself to look away.  The light pulled in on Kei.  It hugged her like a second skin; replacing her bulky clothing with shimmering color.  Kei moved like a gymnast under the glow, and yet stayed in one place.

Ribbons of silk appeared around Kei.  They circled around in time to her movements before they wrapped her body, and formed the pleated skirt and vest she’d worn when Lance had first seen her.  A large silver bow sprang from her chest, pinned by a golden star shaped pendant.  The color bled from Kei’s hair as it tied itself into two long braids.  One great angel wing sprouted from her right shoulder, and the golden capped stub of the other grew from her left.

Solid light shot from Kei’s hands, and braided together to form her staff.  Kei spun her staff over her head as the light faded.  She stopped her performance in perfect stance, her staff’s blade pointed at Sarah.

Lance had stood transfixed throughout the entirety of Kei’s transformation.  He’d even stepped back into the room without noticing the movement.  He wasn’t alone though.  Bill and Mike had stopped shooting, and stood staring at Kei; just as hypnotized.  Only Sarah seemed unimpressed.  She stood with her arms crossed, and rolled her eyes when Kei was done.

“Ah, the little dance,” Sarah patronized.  “Adorable.”  She smiled coldly at Kei.  “This is how the big girls do it.”

Sarah held her hand up, and snapped her fingers.  Cold blue fire flared from her hand, and quickly crawled down her arm.  It burnt away her clothes; replacing them instantly with a solid grey military uniform.

Sarah straightened her blue ribbon bow with a sharp tug.  “Efficiency,” she commented.  “It’ll beat drama every time.”

Sarah’s shot a hand forward at Kei.  A geyser of ocean water flowed from her outstretched palm.  Kei wrapped her one wing around herself, blocking the blast.  Still, the water hit her like a battering ram.  It threw Kei backwards through the outer wall, and down to the streets below.

Sarah followed quickly.  She dashed across the room, and landed in a crouch on the edge of the destroyed windowsill.  The anger in her eyes subsided briefly as she looked at Lance.  “Stay here,” she ordered.  “Just stay here out of the way.”  With that, she leapt out after Kei.

Lance dashed to the edge of the ruined wall.  He could see both girls on the streets; facing off.  He wanted to leap down and get between them, though he didn’t have a plan beyond that.  Lance in fact wasn’t entirely sure of what was going on.  It would have been easier to blindly assume Kei was innocent and that the Blight-Men were evil if he hadn’t met Sarah.

Lance felt a rifle barrel pressed against the back of his head.  “Look at that,” Mike said behind him.  “You moved.”

“Mike, I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Bill started.

“I’m willing to agree with him,” Lance offered.

“Shut up,” Mike hissed.  “I’ve been looking forward to doing this all day.  You broke my face, you think there ain’t payment coming for that?”

“Mike,” Bill tried again.

“You shut up too, rookie; this is happening.”  Mike shoved his gun harder into the back of Lance’s head.  “And after I splatter your brains across this room, I’m going to go down and do the same to your friend.”

Lance chuckled dryly.  “Which one?”  It was a decision he was having trouble with himself.

“Maybe both,” Mike snapped.  “Won’t matter that much to you anyways.”

“Because I’ll be dead,” Lance agreed.  “I get that.  Which one though?  Which one are you thinking of shooting more?  You gotta have a favourite.”

The gun against Lance’s head shifted just a bit as Mike took a peek over the edge to the streets below.  He couldn’t help himself but to look; which was exactly what Lance was expecting.

Lance ducked quick before Mike could react.  He twisted, and slammed an elbow into Mike’s chest.  Lance shoved the large man hard before he rolled through the hole in the wall that led to the bathroom.

Mike roared his anger as he staggered back.  He fired a few rounds at the fleeing Runner, but only managed to perforate the wall.  He waved for Bill to circle to the bathroom door.  “Don’t let him get out,” Mike yelled at the rookie as he stormed through the broken wall.

Lance wasn’t planning on getting out quite yet.  He waited for Mike to follow him through the wall, and smashed the Blighter’s face with the lid from the toilet’s tank.  There was a wet crunch noise as the porcelain lid shattered across Mike’s face.  Mike clutched at his face, and fell back screaming.  Lance spin kicked Mike back out of the bathroom, and across the room.  He drove a straight arm punch into Mike’s already ruined face.  Mike succumbed finally to the pain, and collapsed to the floor.

Bill stood frozen as Lance pummeled Mike.  He couldn’t find the ability to move until Lance looked right at him.  Bill did the smart thing.  He put his rifle down, and put his hands up.

Lance picked up Mike’s rifle.  He pointed it at Bill, then at the apartment door.  “Go,” he suggested.

Bill nodded quickly, and dashed out the door.  Lance took the clip from Bill’s rifle and stuffed it into a pocket.  He didn’t have a plan, but he had a feeling he’d need extra ammo for whatever happened next.


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